Drug information


The Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) works with users and professionals to provide support and advice on drug use across Cornwall.

Information for you

The following downloads give advice and information on specific substances. Using combinations of substances may result in additional effects, some of which can be immediately life threatening. If in doubt seek help.

Information on Nitazenes (the issues and responses) can be found in the document below.

Nitazenes 2024

If you need help or support for drugs and/or alcohol issues contact With You 

We have produced some useful resources for professionals working with young people in response to incidents related to vaping of controlled drugs such as THC and synthetic cannabinoids. Attached below for you to download:

Any incidents must be reported via the Local Drug Information System.

Please also contact YZUP who can offer support for the young person.

Synthetic cannabinoids _ vaping info sheet YZUP v1 May 2024 Vaping & Controlled Substances Guidance for professionals v4 May 2024 Vaping of controlled substances – Info Parents & carers v1 May 2024