Drugs advice and information This information is provided by the Cornwall Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)

This team works with users and professionals to provide the following advice on drugs.

The following downloads give advice and information on specific substances.

Using combinations of substances may result in additional effects, some of which can be immediately life threatening. If in doubt seek help.

New psychoactive substances including legal highs

Accurate information regarding new psychoactive substances including legal highs, is hard to pin down.

FRANK has the latest advice on some of these substances, although new ones are being developed and sold all the time, for which no testing has been carried out. Testing is effectively being conducted on the users of these new substances.

Further Information

Alprazolam (Xanax)


Discarded Needles and Needle Exchange


Overdose Awareness


Safer Injecting Advice and Harm Reduction


Local Drug Information System


Naloxone provision in Cornwall


Further information is available on alcohol here

If you need help or support for drugs and/or alcohol issues contact With You