Mockingbird High: an original play supported by Safer Cornwall

12 April 2022

Domestic violence accounts for a quarter of all reported violent crime in the UK with at least 750,000 Children ‘witnessing’ domestic violence every year. Children who ‘witness’ domestic abuse are now to be recognised as victims in their own right as part of the new Domestic Abuse bill.

Safer Cornwall continue to highlight the issues that domestic abuse has on children and young people. As part of this we have a digital theatre performance from the award-winning Certain Curtain Theatre available for those professionals working with children.

MOCKINGBIRD HIGH, an original play, is a compelling and lyrical account of the devastating impact of domestic abuse on two teenage children and their mother. It explores the different effects from conception to teenage years, on girls and boys, on their beliefs and attitudes and how these impacts their own relationships. It examines the ‘cycle of abuse,’ sexual abuse and bullying, child protection and safeguarding issues, patterns of abusive behaviour and the long-term impact on children and young people.

This event has sold out within a matter of days; however, it will sit alongside other events taking place that week around the topic of domestic abuse and children. Keep an eye on our Safer Cornwall website for more details.

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