Jet skis

Jet skis or personal watercraft (PWC) use has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Whilst most jet ski users operate them responsibly and are respectful towards other water users, there are some who behave recklessly and dangerously.

If you are thinking of using a jet ski, please follow these simple tips:

If you witness reckless, dangerous or intimidating use of a jet ski please report it using the routes detailed below

If the jet ski user is in or around a harbour, contact the local harbourmaster’s office.

If you are unsure who this is Cornwall Council’s Maritime Office can be contacted via by emailing [email protected] and provide details.

If the jet ski user is on a beach, river, or anywhere else, notify the Police by emailing [email protected]. If you see someone in trouble in the sea, call 999 and ask for Coastguard.
For more information on PWC use visit; Maritime and Coastguard Agency – GOV.UK (