Safer Bodmin The aim of Safer Bodmin is to improve community safety and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by targeting persistent problem places and people within the geographical area and work with communities, partners and the business and voluntary sectors to develop sustainable solutions.

The Safer Bodmin partnership is working collaboratively in the local community.

Safer Bodmin facilitates and supports a co-ordinated multi-agency approach to community safety issues to improve feelings of safety and public reassurance, reduce the risk of harm to the community and protect vulnerable groups.  Safer Bodmin involves community members in the work of the partnership and encourages social inclusion and community participation through being part of the problem solving process and having a sense of pride in Bodmin.

Based on the evidence presented in the Bodmin Town Profile and feedback from the Residents Survey, Safer Bodmin have produced a Delivery Plan and have identified the following community safety priorities for the town:

Our priorities:

What we have achieved so far

Safer Bodmin has been working with young people in Bodmin to create a safe space cafe where young people can meet and access support. We have also funded a series of workshops with young people using graffiti skills to create artwork.

Further information and news

Community Safety


  • Volunteer Cornwall local community information and support; North Cornwall Families Community Development Worker
  • Bodmin Town Council support and advice;

Housing and benefits

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Hate Crime Pledge

The Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime Pledge.

Hate crime can harm the very core of someone’s identity and whilst this may often be committed through ignorance it can also be associated with inherent hostility and prejudice.

“…behind every hate crime is a message: You are not welcome here.
Behind every strong community is another: Yes, you are.”

Let’s be a strong inclusive community – sign the pledge to send a clear message “Hate Crime is NOT tolerated