Safer Falmouth The Safer Falmouth partnership is working collaboratively to keep Falmouth a safe town for everyone to enjoy

Our aim is to keep Falmouth a safe town for all to live, work and enjoy.

Safer Falmouth strives to achieve this through partners working together to tackle crime and the impact of alcohol, drugs and anti-social behaviour. We provide a multi-agency response, directly involving local organisations and community groups.

Based on the evidence presented in the Falmouth Town Profile and feedback from the Residents Survey, Safer Falmouth have produced a Delivery Plan and identified the following community safety priorities for the town.

Our priorities for 2023:

• Evening and night-time economy related crime
• Domestic abuse and sexual violence (Including violence against women and girls)
• Drug exploitation and organised crime groups
• Anti-social behaviour
• Homelessness

What have we achieved so far

Safer Streets

In late 2021 we secured £67,000 of investment from the Home Office to make help make Falmouth Safer for Women and Girls. The infographic to the side shows how we did it.