Safer Falmouth The Safer Falmouth partnership is working collaboratively to keep Falmouth a safe town for everyone to enjoy

Our aim is to keep Falmouth a safe town for all to live, work and enjoy.

Safer Falmouth strives to achieve this through partners working together to tackle crime and the impact

of alcohol, drugs, anti-social behaviour. We provide a  multi-agency response, directly involving local organisations and community groups. We have helped keep crime and anti-social behaviour levels stable in the town since people returned to normal life from the pandemic.

Our Priorities for 2023

Safer Streets

In late 2021 we secured £67,000 of investment from the Home Office to make the town Safer for Women and Girls. The infographic to the side shows how we did it.

Stay in the Loop

We will be shortly releasing a monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop about the positive work we do in the town. Please see the latest news below.