Newquay Safe The Newquay Safe partnership works together to reduce crime, disorder and Anti-Social Behaviour.

Working locally to improve community safety

Newquay Safe facilitates and supports a coordinated multi-agency approach to community safety issues to improve feelings of safety and public reassurance, reduce the risk of harm to the community and protect vulnerable groups.

Newquay Safe has been established since 2002. Originally the partnership was focused on evening and night time economy issues but due to changes with priorities for the town the partnership has adapted to address wider community safety issues. It works in partnership to address concerns outlined in the Delivery Plan, which is based on the evidence presented in the previous Newquay Town Profile, feedback from the Residents Survey and emerging concerns.

Newquay Safe has identified the following community safety priorities for the Town:

  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Young People and Youth Crime
  • Public Confidence and Perception
  • Rough Sleeping and Homelessness

Our Delivery Plan will also support Safer Cornwall’s priorities which are; Domestic Abuse and Sexual violence and Alcohol-Related Harm


What we have achieved so far

Whilst developing the Delivery Plan for 2020/21 Covid-19 outbreak began with the country going into lockdown. Due to the pandemic we have adapted our Safer Town partnership model to reflect the challenges facing our local communities.  For the last year Newquay Safe have been meeting on a bi-weekly basis to discuss changes in restrictions and how these impact on Community Safety, as well as a sub-group who meet to discuss the town re-opening plans and mitigate the impacts of these changes and Covid-19.

So far the group has achieved and supported:

During the easing of restrictions we have had to carefully consider changes for the town including; road closures, Covid Marshal patrolling, signage, additional hand santitisation, local events, changes to licensed premises and queuing. These decisions have been made through the partnership which was already established. This establishment allowed for a quick response and plan for the complexities of having a pandemic. A number of agencies continued to be front line support for our communities, including our Police teams who had to not only continue to enforce crime and disorder but also had to respond to regular changes in legislation and enforcement, which increased their remit and demand. Our local charity DISC also saw a significant increase in individuals needing support, this included individuals who were homeless and being provided emergency accommodation. DISC provided daily food to individuals in the largest emergency accommodation provision in the county and gave whatever they could to these individuals, which included clothing and hygiene/health products. This was an exceptional response and dedication from a local charity who continues to unfortunately see the number of individuals and families accessing their services increase due to the impact of covid-19. Our Housing Teams also responded to a huge increase in individuals who presented as homeless and required immediate support, they had to quickly adapt their housing models to create additional provision to ensure no one was rough sleeping but also anyone homeless was safe from the virus spreading. Other partners continued to work face to face during a very uncertain time and their response and commitment to support individuals has been remarkable. Allowing a forum to exchange information on service changes due to the pandemic has been important in continuing to delivery support services.

During the summer our Police and Crime Commissioner provided key towns across Cornwall with additional funding to mitigate impacts of an increase in summer demand for local areas. Newquay Fistral and Newquay Town Centre were provided £20,000 for each area to mitigate ASB, community safety and management of covid-19. Newquay saw a huge increase in tourist demand for the area and this funding was important in supporting local resources to manage this influx.

Newquay Safe agreed to use the funding for; Street Marshals who supported with providing advice to the public on social distancing measures but also disrupting ASB, they also provided support to individuals including missing children and those who were intoxicated. The partnership also used the funding for a mobile CCTV camera which was placed at Fistral Beach and was monitored back at our CCTV Control Centre at Newquay Police Station.

This camera has provided an ongoing additional asset for the town and has been used in other ‘hot spot’ areas as issues arise and current CCTV cameras do not cover the area. The partnership also bought additional radios, these provide on the ground communication between agencies.

The group also used the funding to purchase body worn cameras which provide evidence required from our Street Marshals if any incidents arose. The remaining funds were also used to enhance CCTV monitoring and our radio connection. The new equipment bought continues to provide additional assets for the town and the partnership, as well as giving the additional infrastructure needed for the summer.

Newquay Safe have been working in partnership to discuss ongoing concerns at Towan Headland car park. Our Civil Enforcement Team regularly patrol the area and issue Penalty Charge Notices to all vehicles that are illegally parked. Our Parking Management Team were also successful in evicting a vehicle who was permanently situated at the car park. The Police and other support agencies continue to patrol the area and provide advice and intervention to users of the car park. We have currently developed a public survey to understand what long term solutions residents and visitors of the car park would like moving forward.

Newquay Safe have funded anti-drink spiking kits to licensed premises across Newquay and provided information on how to use them and the support staff need to provide, to anyone who suspects their drink has been spiked. Newquay does not have an issue with drink spiking however this project has shown to be successful in Devon as a deterrent. The project also means that potential victims are supported immediately, a result is instant which supports evidence collection.

If you would like to find out more about Newquay Safe please contact [email protected]

Latest news for Newquay Safe:

Advice for residents and businesses

If you see someone sleeping rough you can contact Streetlink via or 0300 500 0914 (or 999 if they need urgent medical assistance). Individuals sleeping rough can contact the Cornwall Housing Options Team on 0300 1234 161 or drop into an Information Service (formerly called One Stop Shop).

If people experience anti-social behaviour, email [email protected] or call 101 for non-emergencies and in an emergency call 999.

If you have information about a crime you can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

For concerns about rubbish such as glass and needles on the street, call Cornwall Council Refuse and Recycling on 0300 1234 141 or email [email protected]

More information on Newquay Safe here

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